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The energy in milk comes from its protein, carbohydrate and fat content

 About  Srikar Farmacy 

The agricultural sector is the backbone of the Indian economy, the main livelihood for over 600 million people and the sector accounts for 15% of GDP and employs 50% of the country's workforce.

Farmers and agricultural workers form the lowest rung of the economic and social ladder and earn a living from the produce they grow. And yet they are forced to sell their crops at a throwaway price to middlemen, who make 10 times more profit by supplying the produce to markets. 

In the absence of a direct link with the consumers, the farmers are at the mercy of middlemen who occupy the entire space between production and the ultimate sale of the produce. This makes the middlemen very powerful and farmers often find themselves at a disadvantage despite being the producers.

Farmers need a conducive environment that allows them to have a say in the pricing of their produce, in accordance with the demands of consumers by interacting and trading directly. So here comes the Srikar Farmacy where we grow organic  vegetables, a variety of fruits and maximum foodgains on our own farm and support other farmers those who are practicing orgaing method of farming which  enabling us to sell our products at an affordable price to our customers.

Make a difference today by making a better choice; Go Organic. Empower Farmers.

At Srikar Farmacy, we believe in playing an important role in protecting our environment and contributing to the health and well-being of the communities we serve. And so, we advocate for environmental sustainability practices that help preserve our natural resources and improve lives.

To find out more about our farm and what we do, how we work, and the different ways we grow our fruits ,foodgrains and vegetables, do take a look at our blog posts under the "Our Farmers" section. 

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