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About Srikar Farmacy

Journey of SrikarFarmacy


Our journey starts with a small effort to cultivate organic produce and introduce it into the market. So we started with organic tomatoes on a 2.5-acre land but it wasn't viable as we had no say in its pricing. Unless there was a steep rise in product demand, we were almost always bearing the loss, unlike the middlemen.

This led to us coming up with an in-house store to sell a variety of quality products (vegetables/produce)? from our very own farmland. Initially, our store catered to selling milk, seasonal fruits and vegetables. But it was short-lived as their shelf-life is in hours, which means the possibility of huge wastage in terms of food and capital unless products are sold in time. (We then decided to stick to only seasonal fruits and milk due to limited manpower.)?

In the meantime, we started exploring long term and sustainable ways to grow our store. The answer was Organic Food Grain since it came with a longer shelf life, thereby cutting down on wastage.

We started cultivating 12 varieties of 100 % organic rice on a 6-acre land. And today, we are planning to encourage farmers who have adopted organic farming since they do not have a proper market.



Mr Pullangari Srinivas Reddy is a passionate farmer, a social worker and an entrepreneur. Having served for a newspaper called VAARTHA as a reporter for 20 years, he has now embarked on a new journey as an agricultural enthusiast. He starte full-fledged  farming in the year 2010 and since then became an inspiration to other farmers by following new technologies like drip irrigation, staking method, etc.; Mr Reddy has also made invaluable contributions to society such as introducing a mineral water plant and starting the first private English medium school in the town  among other projects.


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